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The following poem was written by one of my students of the 1st grade of Junior High School, the equivalent of seventh grade in the US. They are studying English as a second language. This is one of the best compositions; take into consideration that for some of them, including this young lady, this is the first time they face English at school in a more formal way.

When I usually see my friend,

I wish that it has no end,

when you are with me I fly,

I wish you don’t have to say goodbye,

When I stay with you I feel so good,

I wish… Stay with me you could.

Best friend forever, friend and me

picking up flowers and climbing trees,

a shoulder to cry on, and secrets to share,

warm hearts and hands that really care.

She took five minutes of their time and wrote it as part of the activities in written expression.



Hello there!

I’m just sharing the following link to my photography blog. I hope you enjoy the reading and the photos on it.

Please feel free to take a look at the different entries there.


Read you soon!





It’s been more than one year since I last wrote something in this blog, challenges are there but my writings are poor.

The news are lots, but the good ones are the most important. It is time for me to move up in life.

We come to this world, then we grow, after that we try hard to preserve the species, and finally we inevitable leave this world. It is our social nature that lead humans to establish different acceptable behaviours that conform our traditions. Each society has modeled its own culture with its own particular traditions.

One ceremony that all cultures in the world celebrate is the union between two people. A wedding is a very important celebration and people show its happiness in different ways. Now that I have decided to get married, it is my intention to share the P’urhepecha tradition of weddings.

This project is aimed to tell and  show people from around the world the way we celebrate a wedding.

And yes! I am getting married!

Have a nice reading!


Today, the first thing I heard in the school was the principal’s voice calling me to his presence. -We were in the entrance.

I didn’t know what had happened, he walked towards me and asked me about a little incident that took place yesterday in one my classes.

I told him how the situation happened. I was, an I am very nervous because this is the first time that he has talked to me about my professional duty. I thought he would say something against me. But instead, his opinion was and is the same as mine. Unfortunately parents DO NOT Understand and we have to manage some delicate situations with extreme caution.

So, today I realised that what I am doing is not wrong, but that I must be more cautious in some situations. My principal’ suggestion is to be less strict.

Day off

What does a teacher/student do when his students don´t come to school?

As usual I arrived l to the school, I was going to have just one group (the other groups were not attending school for God knows what the reason is). So I came to school for one single class. The bell rang and I didn’t see any chlid coming to the classroom, that, by the way, was closed. Soon one teacher told me that neither this group nor the others would come to class today.

What should I do? I have all the morning free. They wanted me to stay there and teach their own groups, but I had some other activities to do.

I know I should be planning or doing my homework (I am a student too), but I prefer to stay at home with my girlfriend and eat breakfast together.

See you! and Happy unexpected day off for myself.



Today started the champioship of indoor soccer in my school. It’s been two years since we played the last game.

There we were, new uniforms, new teammates. The game started and the ball started rolling.

Unfortunately, one of our teammates fell down in a strange position on his arm. OMG! it was awful, he broke his arm.

Our prayers and best wishes to this fellow. Get over it Soon!

Tomorrow, I hope not bad writings here. Remember, our body is fragile, but our souls are not.


Slilce 2013

Today is Sunday and I am at home.

It’s been a long time since I was at home on Sunday before 3PM.  Well, there are some things that I need to do before tomorrow, but writing on this SOLC2013 won’t take much time.

Happy Slicing!Image

Day of the death

Hello people from other countries and states.

Day of the death is a very Mexican tradition. On this day we celebrate. We celebrate the return of those who left us before. We do not celebrate death but the new life of the ones that were with us.
This custom varies from state to state in Mexico, but there is something similar in each particular mexican celebration. All people who follows the tradition believe that our dead come back from death and visit and join us for one day. This is the reason for the altars.

It is well known that the most famous rituals take place in Michoacan. Purepecha’s ritual is one of the most colourful and mystic celebration. Families gather around the tomb during the previous night of the 2nd of november, they wait there all night long to receive the souls of their relatives and loved people who died. We are sure that their souls come to visit us, for that reason we prepare them all things they used to like when they were alive.
There are many items and elements that must be on the altar that we consider necessary such as salt as well as water.
Besides the basic elements and the dead’s belongings we decorate the tomb or altar with colourful articles, we also place our own favourite beverages and food. We have alcoholic drinks because weather in our region is very cold, we drink cinnamon tea or coffee with ‘piquete’, a little shot of liquor, to warm up our bodies and spend the cold nights of november.

The morning of november 2nd, there is a catholic ceremony and after that ceremony we go back to our houses.

Then, we gather in one house, usually in the grandparents’, to eat tamales and the food that we gave to our dead.

This is, more or less, our tradition.

There is another growing tradition. In pantheons of Morelia, as it is forbidden built altars, and because the lack of respect (robbery), people started to create mats of flowers.

Mats, rituals or other activities are different from place to place, town to town, state to state. But there is one constant thing in this mexican celebration, we celebrate the return from death of our loved ones.
Mocking of death is, in my particular point of view, the way we, mexicans, deal with this fearful and sometimes unwanted step of our ephemeral existence as human beings in the universe.



This quick post is for all people who like swimming.

As you can see, my tan is funny, specially in my forehead and eyes.

Swimming has become an addiction. I strongly recommend it because it helps you to be healthy.


I am reading Hamlet.

I must read it in ancient English, and at the end, write a reading report. I am seriously considering to ask for help.