It’s been more than one year since I last wrote something in this blog, challenges are there but my writings are poor.

The news are lots, but the good ones are the most important. It is time for me to move up in life.

We come to this world, then we grow, after that we try hard to preserve the species, and finally we inevitable leave this world. It is our social nature that lead humans to establish different acceptable behaviours that conform our traditions. Each society has modeled its own culture with its own particular traditions.

One ceremony that all cultures in the world celebrate is the union between two people. A wedding is a very important celebration and people show its happiness in different ways. Now that I have decided to get married, it is my intention to share the P’urhepecha tradition of weddings.

This project is aimed to tell and  show people from around the world the way we celebrate a wedding.

And yes! I am getting married!

Have a nice reading!