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Cool weather in Morelia!

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I would like to start with a different sentence, not only because is boring, but because today I didn’t walked enough as I have an annoying pain in my back. So I will merely tell you about the weather in the city.

During the last part of summer, the days are grey and it usually rains in the afternoons. With the autumn coming soon, the temperature decreases. This mixture between cool air from the north and warm water from the Pacific Ocean creates a delightful rain that refreshes the environment.

There are a few sunny days in September. Strangely two of those days are the 16th and the 30th. I say it is weird because even if it has been raining two or three days before, those days are sunny. It is amazing because  those days we commemorate the Independence and the birth of “Morelos” with two parades.

In general, weather in Morelia is warm and stable all year. Not too hot during spring and summer and not too cold in the autumn and winter.


Mexico is everywhere

Today while I was walking...

Every two blocks I saw vendors, quite normal in Mexico. But they were selling patriotic holiday decorations for the next "Grito de Independencia", the national holiday which takes place in the night of September 15th.

Apart from the vendors I noticed that the wind is getting cooler out there, this means that autumn is coming, and with it, a huge variety of festivities in the country. 

In Mexico September is called "el mes de la patria". During this month we, Mexicans, decorate our houses with flags, pinwheels and everything in green, white and red, that are the colours of our national flag.

For this reason I decided to blog in English and create a special space in Spanish, my mother tongue, for the posts of september. I also will try to post about my country and my culture.

Feria del Bicentenario de la Independencia, Silao, Guanajuato, México.

Today while I was walking…

Walking down the street I can see lots of business:big drugstores, small bakeries,  fancy saloons, filthy vets, makeshift restaurants and others.

Every two weeks I discover a new business on the street; this seems really good! But then my mind tells me that there was a different shop a month ago in that building, house or premises. It is a constant in most parts of the city to see openings everywhere. But the real and sad problem  is that most of those new business don’t last long.

Today while I was walking I sadly saw another shop going out of business.

Everything goes in couples.

Today while I was walking…

Around 9:45 in the night I saw two times two different couples in two shops that were closed! I said this is weird, both couples were interacting with screens! One was surfing on the net and the other one was watching TV. After a moment I realized they were the night watchmen of those shops.

I walked five meters from the second shop and I ran into another couple! They asked me if I wanted to breed one of my dogs with the dog of theirs. To create another couple!!!

The last thing happened while I was waiting to cross one avenue. I was under the shadows of the heavy branches of the trees when the lights of a car were coming closer to me, suddenly when the car was close enough to distinguish the people inside it, I heard a familiar tone saying good-bye. It was my mother and my sister that were on their way home.

Call it weird or call it coincidence or whatever you want, but while I was walking today, couples were out there.

That’s it for today, so let’s call it a day.