Hello people from other countries and states.

Day of the death is a very Mexican tradition. On this day we celebrate. We celebrate the return of those who left us before. We do not celebrate death but the new life of the ones that were with us.
This custom varies from state to state in Mexico, but there is something similar in each particular mexican celebration. All people who follows the tradition believe that our dead come back from death and visit and join us for one day. This is the reason for the altars.

It is well known that the most famous rituals take place in Michoacan. Purepecha’s ritual is one of the most colourful and mystic celebration. Families gather around the tomb during the previous night of the 2nd of november, they wait there all night long to receive the souls of their relatives and loved people who died. We are sure that their souls come to visit us, for that reason we prepare them all things they used to like when they were alive.
There are many items and elements that must be on the altar that we consider necessary such as salt as well as water.
Besides the basic elements and the dead’s belongings we decorate the tomb or altar with colourful articles, we also place our own favourite beverages and food. We have alcoholic drinks because weather in our region is very cold, we drink cinnamon tea or coffee with ‘piquete’, a little shot of liquor, to warm up our bodies and spend the cold nights of november.

The morning of november 2nd, there is a catholic ceremony and after that ceremony we go back to our houses.

Then, we gather in one house, usually in the grandparents’, to eat tamales and the food that we gave to our dead.

This is, more or less, our tradition.

There is another growing tradition. In pantheons of Morelia, as it is forbidden built altars, and because the lack of respect (robbery), people started to create mats of flowers.

Mats, rituals or other activities are different from place to place, town to town, state to state. But there is one constant thing in this mexican celebration, we celebrate the return from death of our loved ones.
Mocking of death is, in my particular point of view, the way we, mexicans, deal with this fearful and sometimes unwanted step of our ephemeral existence as human beings in the universe.