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Criticism SOLSC 2011.29

Today I have learnt a very important think when we teach to adults and “adults”. There are two types of comments, or should I say two kind of people commenting?

These two types are: the critic, who gives advice and exposes his/her own point of view, and supports his thoughts with facts. And the other type which is a carper, who finds faults, criticize, and do not offer any solution to the “problem”.

There is a slight line between being a vulgar and a fine person. This line is easily broken when people do not have the tact when they speak. It does not matter if it is a rich person or a poor one. In fact, poor people tend to be more humble than rich people.

A vulgar mocking person is a shame for society. Moreover if the person in question thinks that he/she belongs to the high-class in the society.


I went shoping SOLSC 2011.23

My girlfriend took me to the mall. She was insisting all the weekend, so I had to go someday…. That day was today.

She knows I don’t like going to the mall (as the majority of men). I get bored going forward and backward on the hallways, getting into every single shop. And what happens then? She doesn’t buy anything. Ok that’s not true, she comes back to the very first shop we entered to buy something she hadn’t tried on before.

It doesn’t matter at all. At the end of the day, she would be happy with a big smile on her face; a bigger one if I tell her she looks great on what she has bought. She would say something lovely and then kiss me on my cheeks. Fantastic.

But today it was different. She didn’t want  to buy clothes, shoes, purses, or jewelry. She went right away to the pet shop and looked for leashes and collars. After a few minutes she told me, “Have you asked for food?” The question took me by surprise that I couldn’t give her an answer. She cleared her throat and say quietly as if she didn’t wanted to be heard: “We are here because I will buy food for our puppies”.

Her words made me to have female instincts. I started to look at every different kind of food, I asked for brands, quality, sizes, and prices. Not only in one pet shop, but at every one nearby the mall. We went upstairs and downstairs, forward and backward. We did all the things she does when she goes shopping, but this time I was the one who was shopping.

At the end we came back to  the first shop we had entered and bought the food. She was tired but happy because I had a big smile on my face. Of course i kissed her not twice but three times. ( She is adorable and I love her.)

Last weekend I was very busy writing a short essay about Scholastics. That’s why I didn’t post anything.

Now is Tuesday night and I am not busy anymore… for a moment because I have more homework to do. As I was telling you, now that I have more free time, I feel myself less stressed and lighter than two days ago.

Something that contributed with my renew feelings is that I got an “A plus”, or what we, in Mexico, call a 10, in my linguistics class. I’d better explain that it wasn’t a hard course, but many people didn’t succeed as I did. I am happy not only because my grade, but also for my teacher’s comment on my lecture, she was amazed with my work!

Well that’s all for today folks! see you around!

Yesterday my classmates and I had arranged a meeting online for today. I am not in Morelia, where I live. So I took my smartphone to get in touch with my mates. But Unfortunately my device didn’t work well; it was too slow and it wasted the energy of the battery trying to have access to internet. I couldn’t meet my partners and our work was delayed. My smartphone wasn’t smart enough. Now it is working good.

After 9 or 10 months without playing fútbol, I went to play with some ex partners of the faculty. The game was valid for the tournament of the school.

I was expecting something harder, a challenging match. But, or we are very good or the other team was too weak that we defeated it about 12 to 1!

Finally you should know I play as the goalkeeper!

See you! Happy Slicing to everybody.

Today I was doing nothing. The only relevant thing is that I went to the mall and bought three books. So I have three books to read, and a very busy schedule. I hope I can read them before june. Have a nice weekend. Oh! my computer is too hot! it seems it’s gonna explode! See you!

Last night my uncle J called me. He wanted me to give him a ride to Quiroga, a small city nearby lake of Patzcuaro.

Today around noon I picked him up and left to Quiroga. He had to go to the bank to do some updates in his personal information.

The really important thing I did there was having lunch. I went to the town market and bought “pozole batido”. This dish is one of my favourites of P’urhepecha food.

I would like to add pictures or links but I couldn’t find anything, and I don’t have photos ’cause they are so common for me.

Today when we went to meet Pau after college I heard the first call of the first rain in the year, a thunder coming from the west. In fact, the first sign of precipitation was in the morning. The sky was grey, the air was fresh and the sun was behind the rough curtain of clouds. Then we came back home as quick as we could. Fortunately we arrived dry. Just two or three minutes later it started to rain.

SOLSC 2011.14

P’urhepecha cookies made of black corn… Delicious!!!

New due date for the essay… Great!!!

Meeting new neighbours, thanks to the dogs…. it´s ok!

Good presentation at school… Fantastic!!!

After a good day at school, I  came back home and walked the dogs. I am tired and I want to go to sleep. But before I get into my bed, I will post and comment in the SOLSC 2011. Have a nice week!!!

I cannot understand why people buy mobiles phones, and then, when someone wants to call them, they do not answer.

The most common answer I get, when I can communicate with them, is: “I left the mobile at home”   huh!!?? Isn’t it a mobile???

Some people say: “I didn’t hear the device”

And less people say: “I was charging the battery”