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Today, the first thing I heard in the school was the principal’s voice calling me to his presence. -We were in the entrance.

I didn’t know what had happened, he walked towards me and asked me about a little incident that took place yesterday in one my classes.

I told him how the situation happened. I was, an I am very nervous because this is the first time that he has talked to me about my professional duty. I thought he would say something against me. But instead, his opinion was and is the same as mine. Unfortunately parents DO NOT Understand and we have to manage some delicate situations with extreme caution.

So, today I realised that what I am doing is not wrong, but that I must be more cautious in some situations. My principal’ suggestion is to be less strict.


Day off

What does a teacher/student do when his students don´t come to school?

As usual I arrived l to the school, I was going to have just one group (the other groups were not attending school for God knows what the reason is). So I came to school for one single class. The bell rang and I didn’t see any chlid coming to the classroom, that, by the way, was closed. Soon one teacher told me that neither this group nor the others would come to class today.

What should I do? I have all the morning free. They wanted me to stay there and teach their own groups, but I had some other activities to do.

I know I should be planning or doing my homework (I am a student too), but I prefer to stay at home with my girlfriend and eat breakfast together.

See you! and Happy unexpected day off for myself.



Today started the champioship of indoor soccer in my school. It’s been two years since we played the last game.

There we were, new uniforms, new teammates. The game started and the ball started rolling.

Unfortunately, one of our teammates fell down in a strange position on his arm. OMG! it was awful, he broke his arm.

Our prayers and best wishes to this fellow. Get over it Soon!

Tomorrow, I hope not bad writings here. Remember, our body is fragile, but our souls are not.


Slilce 2013

Today is Sunday and I am at home.

It’s been a long time since I was at home on Sunday before 3PM.  Well, there are some things that I need to do before tomorrow, but writing on this SOLC2013 won’t take much time.

Happy Slicing!Image