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“Is everybody OK?” My father asked us after the car landed on its wheels. It took the car just a few seconds, which seemed were all night long, to spin two times in the air.

I got out of the car with difficulty; tears falling down on my wet face made realize that I was alive. Then the chilling noise of my sister’s crying made me know something was not good. My eyes looked around trying to recognize where we were but they could only see lots of shining pots above in the sky. That night was the coldest of the winter; that was what my trembling bones said as my mother went crazy and started to shout as loud as she could. Three minutes or so passed when a pair of lights stopped next to us. A couple got out of the car. A sweet voice asked “Are you OK?” I heard the sound of a lady, then a stronger tone added “I have called for an Ambulance, it will be here soon” His words made realize we had just crashed.

The ambulance arrived. We all were not seriously injured. On the way to the hospital I was repeating to myself “It all was my fault”. My mind brought me to that sunny morning back in Los Reyes.

Vacation was over and school waited for us the next day, so we were coming back to Morelia. It was always like a ritual, wake up at the crack of down, have lamb barbacoa for breakfast, and pack our luggage. That day was different, we did not have barbacoa, we ate some tacos instead and left to Los Chorros del Varal.

Los Chorros del Varal is the name of two waterfalls in the Western part of Michoacan in the region called Tierra caliente. We arrived there early, so we could come back to Morelia the same day. We walked down the hill to see the waterfalls from the bottom of the little canyon. Walking down seemed easy, but it wasn’t because the narrow path was slippery and falls were on the menu of the day. Despite the exhausting climbing, the return was easier than the arrival, and much safer.

Back in Los Reyes the adults decided to come back to Morelia. A strange decision because we were used to leave the town around 10 A.M. It wasn’t a big deal so I didn’t argue.

The problem started as soon as the accelerator was pushed down. My grandma told us to pray and my response was the beginning of our course. “What for? We haven’t left the town yet” a pause and then I tried   to emend my error “oh yes, If we don’t do it, a car may crash against us around the corner”.

All the way back home we were talking about car accidents, and all that crap. Dies were cast. It was destiny which was waiting for us. The very end of the highway was closer, the car was flying, and nerves were tensed, suddenly in the extremely closed curve my voice flew out my mouth “Daddy slow down!” his response came quickly “Hold on strong!” One instant later there were only quietness and darkness.

Fortunately and miraculously, according to the police officer’s words, we were all alive.


Are people living in a war zone in Morelia? No, they are not. But, unfortunately most people who do not live in the city think the opposite. For this reason, the world should know what the reality is. Despite the fact that the media has presented the political and social problems in the city, the alleged drug war has not made substantial changes in the political and social life in Morelia.

In the political context, Morelia is in the eye of the hurricane because the president of Mexico is from this city, and since he started combating drug trafficking, people from all around the world have gotten the wrong idea that the life of the Morelians has been affected because of the drug war. As a result, the travelers are afraid of coming to Michoacan, particularly to Morelia. However, the problem is that the foreigners are misinformed due to the way the media has shown this theme. Furthermore, there is a travel advisory issued by theU.S.government that warns American tourists against traveling to Michoacan. For the reasons above mentioned, travelers should know what the reality is visiting the state. As evidence, they have to know; first, that the Morelians are not living in a  drug war zone; second, that they are also leading a normal life and are also attending their daily activities; and third, that tourists from other places have not stopped visiting Morelia to enjoy its traditional celebrations and entertainment.

Of course, the alleged drug war has impacted the politics of the city. It has changed the way the politics are. Specifically, the government is involved with the drug dealers similarly to most of the governments in our country, taking it for granted that the drug trafficking is a big business that will give them a lot of money and will help them in their politic life. Naturally, when a new group of powerful men appears, they have the necessity to participate in the politic life of Morelia to control easily their business. And this is not an exception. Regardless of this change, Morelia’s citizens have not been damaged in their daily life. As an illustration, we can say that everybody goes out to the street with no more danger than in other cities in the country. Everything has changed, we have new social and political problems but tourists do not realize it because these problems have not increased the insecurity.

The social aspect is maybe the biggest lie that media has created. They say Morelians are in a war zone but it is not true. It is true that people is more unfriendly to each other because they do not trust in them. But this only happens within Morelians. Although people are a little more scared, it is not true that they are not friendly to tourists anymore. Moreover, Morelians give their best to please local, national, and international visitors to get them back. In an example you can see that all international festivities have not been called off, and international guests still come to those events.

In conclusion, the politic life of the country, in particular in the state, has been the same since years ago. But now, that media and the President of this country have called this a “war”, this issue is almost a scandal. Socially and politically, life in Morelia and Michoacan is different. Now people in Morelia try to keep calm and continue with their lives. Come to Michoacan and you will find out that war is not a fact. For all the reasons mentioned above, and as Morelians, we want to tell tourists do not be afraid of coming to Morelia, because this way,  is the only way they will realize that media has been creating and feeding a false image of Michoacan.

It is almost midnight and arriving home the first place I go is my cold dark bedroom. I do not want to write here. I need to be comfortable to do my homework. The need of some fresh water makes me go to the dinning room. I am standing next to the eight-seat wooden table. From where I am, my nose perceives a horrid odor of flesh. Someone has left a corpse, and the evidence is on the floor and it makes me freeze. Tic- tac in the clock, bum bum in my heart and two minutes passed by. I am standing up talking to myself and looking for the switch. At last the lights are on.

I take a seat next to the window, a fresh and then cold air passes through the window and freezes my skin and keeps me paralyzed. At this time I hardly glimpse over the old turn table. I fell 36 porcelain dolls peering at me. My mouth is dry, I swallow air with difficulty. I should not glimpse up to the dolls but, the necessity of knowing what is behind the dolls is stronger than me. Slowly I raise my head. Suddenly the dog starts barking, my eyes are closed and my heart beats my chest as strong as if there were two. Quickly, anxiously, impatiently I walk next to my dog. inaudible words flow out from my trembling mouth. I breathe fresh air, turn on the light, let the dog go out to the garden, come back to the table and start to write.

It is hard to choose only one topic to talk about in this post. I would like to write about the three of them but I have made up my mind and I will talk about blogging.

Blogging, a new experience for me, has brought me more ways to express my self, a real platform to improve my skills, and a great opportunity to meet people around the world who has the same interests as me.

I always wanted to say things, express what I think, and write down my feelings. I used to feel frustrated because I could not have an audience which I could write for. Now, writing in a blog has given me the opportunity to have one real purpose and a real audience to write for.

As we know, a blog can create a community when people comment the posts you publish. When the community is engaged with the objective of the blog (in this case for improving writing skills in English language), we can learn from each other and also we can help others to improve their skills.

Blogs can be read by people all over the world, so it is important to make a good impressions to your visitors. If you have a good blog and your posts are faultless, people who are interested in your work can help you and make the community bigger. In a big community there are more and different opinions and points of view.

In conclusion, blogging is a  new helpful tool that has allowed me develop and improve my skills, not only expressing myself but also as an excellent platform to get feedback from people of every part of the world.

The Rules of This Game

Hello everybody!

I would like to start this post reporting some words that Jesus (our classmate) told me during class…

I was helping him with his blog when I noticed he was about to delete all his posts. I asked him why he was going to do that, he answered me he was professional.

Well, now I have reported Jesus’ words, and after visiting all your blogs, I get the impression that we are not being serious enough when doing our work. So here comes my recommendation:

  1. Responsibility: we all are adults and know what our own responsibilities are. Blogging during the course is one of them, so let’s do it responsibly.
  2. Politeness: As human beings we belong to a certain society; our society is based on respect, at least that’s what I know. Be careful not being offensive in your comments.
  3. Objectivity: We are here to learn or improve. Commenting objectively we help each other to achieve our goals.
  4. Honesty: we must be honest and recognize other’s work. It is unfair to take credit for what other people have done. 

So there you have. Leave a comment and enjoy blogging.

Hello Readers!

Hello readers! You probably know me from my other blog. Now I am starting a new one as I am taking another course with my English teacher, M. E. Ellen Graber.

This blog is about the Academic Writing course.

Enjoy the posts and comment.