Category: SOLC 2012


Today I downloaded an app for my mobile. This app allows me to record all my physical activities. I started with my bike.
It records laps, time, heart rate and some others things.
It can keep a record of almost every physical activity. Cycling, hiking, walking, running, etc!
The most incredible thing, it uses Facebook and has its own social network.

Incredibly what technology can do these days.




Plans and more plans.

It is really nice when your plans go as planned.
We are now interested in sign up for a monthly membership in a aquatic park. Just to swim and have fun with friends.

I’m exhausted, we swam for two hours.


The power of a big Morelian TORTA

I didn’t have breakfast today.
I took my colleague’s students to the library. We left the school in the morning; I couldn’t drink anything.
So, by the time we came back the clock said it was more than noon. My stomach showed sings of hanger.
I had to come all the way back home, 30 more minutes without meal!
As I was starving, I couldn’t resist and stop in the market to buy a 1 1/2- pound torta.
After I ate it, more or less than 10 minutes, my energy had gone away. I succumbed to the power of that enormous torta; I slept for half an hour.
Now I’m here writing about that delicious Mexican invent.


When students forget to bring in their books it is not possible to work with them, specially if your class was planned to use the book.
It is specially frustrating when they keep forgetting their material.
Yesterday, when they asked me to play soccer with them, I told them that I had forgotten the ball.
The ball is a very important thing when playing soccer, without it we cannot play. It occurs the same with materials like books.

Now they brought books and a ball! I think they want to play instead of study.





Swimming seems to be something I can do well. I just need practise and dedication. Today I arrived late and in a very bad mood. After 50 metres I had changed my mood. This is a relaxing good habit.