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I would like to start with a different sentence, not only because is boring, but because today I didn’t walked enough as I have an annoying pain in my back. So I will merely tell you about the weather in the city.

During the last part of summer, the days are grey and it usually rains in the afternoons. With the autumn coming soon, the temperature decreases. This mixture between cool air from the north and warm water from the Pacific Ocean creates a delightful rain that refreshes the environment.

There are a few sunny days in September. Strangely two of those days are the 16th and the 30th. I say it is weird because even if it has been raining two or three days before, those days are sunny. It is amazing because  those days we commemorate the Independence and the birth of “Morelos” with two parades.

In general, weather in Morelia is warm and stable all year. Not too hot during spring and summer and not too cold in the autumn and winter.