Today while I was walking…

Around 9:45 in the night I saw two times two different couples in two shops that were closed! I said this is weird, both couples were interacting with screens! One was surfing on the net and the other one was watching TV. After a moment I realized they were the night watchmen of those shops.

I walked five meters from the second shop and I ran into another couple! They asked me if I wanted to breed one of my dogs with the dog of theirs. To create another couple!!!

The last thing happened while I was waiting to cross one avenue. I was under the shadows of the heavy branches of the trees when the lights of a car were coming closer to me, suddenly when the car was close enough to distinguish the people inside it, I heard a familiar tone saying good-bye. It was my mother and my sister that were on their way home.

Call it weird or call it coincidence or whatever you want, but while I was walking today, couples were out there.

That’s it for today, so let’s call it a day.