It is almost midnight and arriving home the first place I go is my cold dark bedroom. I do not want to write here. I need to be comfortable to do my homework. The need of some fresh water makes me go to the dinning room. I am standing next to the eight-seat wooden table. From where I am, my nose perceives a horrid odor of flesh. Someone has left a corpse, and the evidence is on the floor and it makes me freeze. Tic- tac in the clock, bum bum in my heart and two minutes passed by. I am standing up talking to myself and looking for the switch. At last the lights are on.

I take a seat next to the window, a fresh and then cold air passes through the window and freezes my skin and keeps me paralyzed. At this time I hardly glimpse over the old turn table. I fell 36 porcelain dolls peering at me. My mouth is dry, I swallow air with difficulty. I should not glimpse up to the dolls but, the necessity of knowing what is behind the dolls is stronger than me. Slowly I raise my head. Suddenly the dog starts barking, my eyes are closed and my heart beats my chest as strong as if there were two. Quickly, anxiously, impatiently I walk next to my dog. inaudible words flow out from my trembling mouth. I breathe fresh air, turn on the light, let the dog go out to the garden, come back to the table and start to write.