“Is everybody OK?” My father asked us after the car landed on its wheels. It took the car just a few seconds, which seemed were all night long, to spin two times in the air.

I got out of the car with difficulty; tears falling down on my wet face made realize that I was alive. Then the chilling noise of my sister’s crying made me know something was not good. My eyes looked around trying to recognize where we were but they could only see lots of shining pots above in the sky. That night was the coldest of the winter; that was what my trembling bones said as my mother went crazy and started to shout as loud as she could. Three minutes or so passed when a pair of lights stopped next to us. A couple got out of the car. A sweet voice asked “Are you OK?” I heard the sound of a lady, then a stronger tone added “I have called for an Ambulance, it will be here soon” His words made realize we had just crashed.

The ambulance arrived. We all were not seriously injured. On the way to the hospital I was repeating to myself “It all was my fault”. My mind brought me to that sunny morning back in Los Reyes.

Vacation was over and school waited for us the next day, so we were coming back to Morelia. It was always like a ritual, wake up at the crack of down, have lamb barbacoa for breakfast, and pack our luggage. That day was different, we did not have barbacoa, we ate some tacos instead and left to Los Chorros del Varal.

Los Chorros del Varal is the name of two waterfalls in the Western part of Michoacan in the region called Tierra caliente. We arrived there early, so we could come back to Morelia the same day. We walked down the hill to see the waterfalls from the bottom of the little canyon. Walking down seemed easy, but it wasn’t because the narrow path was slippery and falls were on the menu of the day. Despite the exhausting climbing, the return was easier than the arrival, and much safer.

Back in Los Reyes the adults decided to come back to Morelia. A strange decision because we were used to leave the town around 10 A.M. It wasn’t a big deal so I didn’t argue.

The problem started as soon as the accelerator was pushed down. My grandma told us to pray and my response was the beginning of our course. “What for? We haven’t left the town yet” a pause and then I tried   to emend my error “oh yes, If we don’t do it, a car may crash against us around the corner”.

All the way back home we were talking about car accidents, and all that crap. Dies were cast. It was destiny which was waiting for us. The very end of the highway was closer, the car was flying, and nerves were tensed, suddenly in the extremely closed curve my voice flew out my mouth “Daddy slow down!” his response came quickly “Hold on strong!” One instant later there were only quietness and darkness.

Fortunately and miraculously, according to the police officer’s words, we were all alive.