Are people living in a war zone in Morelia? No, they are not. But, unfortunately most people who do not live in the city think the opposite. For this reason, the world should know what the reality is. Despite the fact that the media has presented the political and social problems in the city, the alleged drug war has not made substantial changes in the political and social life in Morelia.

In the political context, Morelia is in the eye of the hurricane because the president of Mexico is from this city, and since he started combating drug trafficking, people from all around the world have gotten the wrong idea that the life of the Morelians has been affected because of the drug war. As a result, the travelers are afraid of coming to Michoacan, particularly to Morelia. However, the problem is that the foreigners are misinformed due to the way the media has shown this theme. Furthermore, there is a travel advisory issued by theU.S.government that warns American tourists against traveling to Michoacan. For the reasons above mentioned, travelers should know what the reality is visiting the state. As evidence, they have to know; first, that the Morelians are not living in a  drug war zone; second, that they are also leading a normal life and are also attending their daily activities; and third, that tourists from other places have not stopped visiting Morelia to enjoy its traditional celebrations and entertainment.

Of course, the alleged drug war has impacted the politics of the city. It has changed the way the politics are. Specifically, the government is involved with the drug dealers similarly to most of the governments in our country, taking it for granted that the drug trafficking is a big business that will give them a lot of money and will help them in their politic life. Naturally, when a new group of powerful men appears, they have the necessity to participate in the politic life of Morelia to control easily their business. And this is not an exception. Regardless of this change, Morelia’s citizens have not been damaged in their daily life. As an illustration, we can say that everybody goes out to the street with no more danger than in other cities in the country. Everything has changed, we have new social and political problems but tourists do not realize it because these problems have not increased the insecurity.

The social aspect is maybe the biggest lie that media has created. They say Morelians are in a war zone but it is not true. It is true that people is more unfriendly to each other because they do not trust in them. But this only happens within Morelians. Although people are a little more scared, it is not true that they are not friendly to tourists anymore. Moreover, Morelians give their best to please local, national, and international visitors to get them back. In an example you can see that all international festivities have not been called off, and international guests still come to those events.

In conclusion, the politic life of the country, in particular in the state, has been the same since years ago. But now, that media and the President of this country have called this a “war”, this issue is almost a scandal. Socially and politically, life in Morelia and Michoacan is different. Now people in Morelia try to keep calm and continue with their lives. Come to Michoacan and you will find out that war is not a fact. For all the reasons mentioned above, and as Morelians, we want to tell tourists do not be afraid of coming to Morelia, because this way,  is the only way they will realize that media has been creating and feeding a false image of Michoacan.