My girlfriend took me to the mall. She was insisting all the weekend, so I had to go someday…. That day was today.

She knows I don’t like going to the mall (as the majority of men). I get bored going forward and backward on the hallways, getting into every single shop. And what happens then? She doesn’t buy anything. Ok that’s not true, she comes back to the very first shop we entered to buy something she hadn’t tried on before.

It doesn’t matter at all. At the end of the day, she would be happy with a big smile on her face; a bigger one if I tell her she looks great on what she has bought. She would say something lovely and then kiss me on my cheeks. Fantastic.

But today it was different. She didn’t want  to buy clothes, shoes, purses, or jewelry. She went right away to the pet shop and looked for leashes and collars. After a few minutes she told me, “Have you asked for food?” The question took me by surprise that I couldn’t give her an answer. She cleared her throat and say quietly as if she didn’t wanted to be heard: “We are here because I will buy food for our puppies”.

Her words made me to have female instincts. I started to look at every different kind of food, I asked for brands, quality, sizes, and prices. Not only in one pet shop, but at every one nearby the mall. We went upstairs and downstairs, forward and backward. We did all the things she does when she goes shopping, but this time I was the one who was shopping.

At the end we came back to  the first shop we had entered and bought the food. She was tired but happy because I had a big smile on my face. Of course i kissed her not twice but three times. ( She is adorable and I love her.)