It is hard to choose only one topic to talk about in this post. I would like to write about the three of them but I have made up my mind and I will talk about blogging.

Blogging, a new experience for me, has brought me more ways to express my self, a real platform to improve my skills, and a great opportunity to meet people around the world who has the same interests as me.

I always wanted to say things, express what I think, and write down my feelings. I used to feel frustrated because I could not have an audience which I could write for. Now, writing in a blog has given me the opportunity to have one real purpose and a real audience to write for.

As we know, a blog can create a community when people comment the posts you publish. When the community is engaged with the objective of the blog (in this case for improving writing skills in English language), we can learn from each other and also we can help others to improve their skills.

Blogs can be read by people all over the world, so it is important to make a good impressions to your visitors. If you have a good blog and your posts are faultless, people who are interested in your work can help you and make the community bigger. In a big community there are more and different opinions and points of view.

In conclusion, blogging is a  new helpful tool that has allowed me develop and improve my skills, not only expressing myself but also as an excellent platform to get feedback from people of every part of the world.