I should start thanking Cesar Millan for his great and useful book “Dog Whisperer”. It has helped me with my canine friend.

At the crack of down I was ready, my dog was peacefully expecting for my order to go. We were waiting to meet my father. Then he arrived, and with him, the little white puppy he had brought last night. Ten minutes later it was me and two dogs, my pack had grown.

We started walking around the neighborhood, then we were running next to the river (you’d better not to imagine this river, it is polluted!). The dogs running  next to each other just behind me, both of them unleashed, the three of us free. Sometimes I decided to trot instead of run, and once in a while I thought it was time to stop. My voice was firm and they obeyed all my orders. Together, we were a team. each puppy knew what to do, they trusted, they followed me as his leader.

Walking, trotting, running; then more than an hour had passed, it was time to come back home. For me, and for the dogs, it was a great experience. After our journey I am calm, relaxed, and full of energy. I should thank the dogs, they made me feel in peace and let me know again how exercise change my mood.

See you until my next Slice Of Life.