Today my father picked me up from school. He arrived late because he went to his sister’s house for a little white puppy. When we arrived home I introduced the dog to my mother and sister, at first they thought it was mine and looked as if they were angry,(they think one pet is enough and I already have one. Its name is Bristol, a rough and beautiful bull terrier). So I told them that the puppy wasn’t mine.

After a while the puppies were playing on the sidewalk and my mother was scared because it seemed as if they were fighting and biting each other. I told her it was normal to them but, for my mother’s tranquility, my father picked up our dog and my sister hugged  the white one. She fell in love immediately with the puppy and wanted to adopt it. Unfortunately we couldn’t own  this beautiful dog  because it was bought by a teacher who is one of my father’s colleagues.