Hello everybody!

I would like to start this post reporting some words that Jesus (our classmate) told me during class…

I was helping him with his blog when I noticed he was about to delete all his posts. I asked him why he was going to do that, he answered me he was professional.

Well, now I have reported Jesus’ words, and after visiting all your blogs, I get the impression that we are not being serious enough when doing our work. So here comes my recommendation:

  1. Responsibility: we all are adults and know what our own responsibilities are. Blogging during the course is one of them, so let’s do it responsibly.
  2. Politeness: As human beings we belong to a certain society; our society is based on respect, at least that’s what I know. Be careful not being offensive in your comments.
  3. Objectivity: We are here to learn or improve. Commenting objectively we help each other to achieve our goals.
  4. Honesty: we must be honest and recognize other’s work. It is unfair to take credit for what other people have done. 

So there you have. Leave a comment and enjoy blogging.